Recent Trends in E commerce

The year 2010 saw the world of online shopping firmly establish itself as a preferred method of obtaining products for many shoppers. Recent trends in ecommerce show that consumers are becoming more accustomed to finding the products they need from the comfort of their home. With more Internet only based retailers offering products that cannot be found in a bricks and mortar store, people have begun to adopt a web based shopping experience. One of the busiest shopping days of the year is known as Cyber Monday in the USA and is the day following the Thanksgiving holiday. This year saw even more people shopping on the actual holiday as well.

Recent ecommerce trends also show that the confidence of customers in online transactions is growing. With websites taking extra precautions to ensure that customer identify and information is closely guarded, people have become more secure in using personal information online. Stronger computer security systems help to safeguard credit card and other billing information such as the new PCI compliance regulations introduced in the UK recently. This allows for a safer and more seamless shopping experience, added protection for credit card transactions and has also prevented the amount of identity theft and fraud online dramatically. More secure networks and stronger encryption methods have made it more difficult for thieves to obtain this information in the first place and even more difficult to use once obtained online.

As consumers are becoming more trusting of online retailers, they are seeking more services in this fashion. Trends show that not only are more people shopping online but they are purchasing more per shopping trip too, spending more money each time they shop and boosting further the growth of online retail. The success of web sites such as has sparked many competitors. Many traditional stores like Circuit City have abandoned their physical locations to concentrate on web based marketing instead. This has resulted in cost savings and providing a more customized shopping experience for the user.

Another emerging trends in ecommerce is the growing number of small independent shops. Individually owned businesses are seeing an increase in sales and customers by creating a web presence for their traditional stores. Offering more information and self service options on a web site allows their marketing efforts to reach more users. Creating a profile on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter allows these small businesses to reach even more people and market to them in a much easier way than they can with a bricks and mortar store. Customers become active participants in the success of the business by sharing their experiences with the business which are then viewable by any of their online contacts. This type of viral marketing has been very beneficial for the mechanics of ecommerce.

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